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Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is a wonderful area south of Downtown and Brickell, right by the bay and with lots of charm and history that gives it a different feeling.

Coconut Grove was first established in the 1830s and it used to be an independent city until 1925 when it was annexed by the city of Miami. The first S. Florida mainland hotel was located in Coconut Grove. It was called the Bay View Inn – later known as Peacock Inn – and it was built in 1882 by English immigrant family (the Peacock’s) who had been the owners of wholesale meat business in London. The first black community established in Coconut Grove was of Bahamian laborers who worked at the Peacock Inn.

Coconut Grove is now days divided in North Grove, South Grove and West Grove. All of it is very charming,

Its location is very convenient and it enjoys very long waterfront. Lots of properties are located on the waterfront. Others are located close to it and can enjoy the use of beautiful parks like Peacock Park, The Kampong, the Barnacle Historic State Park, the David Kennedy Park and others. Its wild vegetation gives a very unique character to this area of Miami.

The commercial and business area of Coconut Grove is an attractive and convenient area with lots of business potential.

Coconut Grove also houses several very good private schools like Ransom Everglades School, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and St. Hughes Catholic School among others.

Over the year there are several street festivals that take place in Coconut Grove. The year starts with the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, The Grove Food and Wine Festival, the Oktoberfest, among others.

It is hard to find anybody that doesn’t like Coconut Grove. Others just fall in love, come and move in, and never leave.

Coconut Grove in the map