How to choose the right realtor for you

Buying a home is a complex and important matter to everyone. Getting the help of a real estate professional is good in many ways, since a good realtor should be able to help you in the different facets of the buying process. And the best thing is that when buying a home all help provided by your Realtor has no cost to you.

Realtors should be able to explain to you what the current market conditions are.

If you are a buyer your realtor should be able to:

  • Guide you in finding several financing options.
  • Understanding the ins and outs about the neighborhoods that interest you.
  • Help you in your thinking process on what is best for your particular needs.
  • Help you in finding the strategy to make your offers and be successful in it.
  • After reaching the appropriate agreement your realtor will help you defining the right inspector and interpret his/her report, therefore defining whether to buy, or re-negotiate, or not to buy the home you have the contract on.

Your Realtor should be able to accompany you in all the process since the first idea of it, and all the way down to the successful closing of the property you love.

So how are you going to choose the right realtor for you?

Referrals given by previous customers, is a very good source of information. They can tell you about their experiences with their preferred Realtor and how she/he works, or responds, their attitude towards situations, their professionalism, the quality of the information that they were given, and how they managed the whole transaction.

If you are coming from out of town you may be able to get a good referral from your realtor in your hometown through the different sources that the brokers have available to them.

Another good source could be, or if you have a preferred Brokerage Company, that is a leader in the marketplace you are interested in, you could look up their Realtors list and choose the ones that make the best sense for you (by language, background, experience, specialty, etc.)

Research the credentials of the Realtors that have caught your eye.

Once you decided on one or several Realtors, contact them and interview them. When you do the interview, ask them about how the transaction process goes, ask them about certain houses in the area where you want to buy, look at their current listings. All of these questions will create the certainty and the rapport between the right Realtor and yourself.