What is a home inspection all about

Home inspection is a general and limited examination of the condition of a home. Certified or licensed home inspectors usually perform the home inspections. There are a variety of home inspection companies in each city and your Realtor should have the possibility of helping you find the right one for you.

Home inspectors have had training on different aspects of the examination of the condition of a home. The general condition aspects include: electrical (includes the revision of all outlets and lighting as well as the electrical panel), mechanical (includes correct functioning of AC and heating in a home and the water heater), plumbing (includes all toilets faucets and any water related system), appliances (and how well they are functioning), structure of the home, condition of the roof, and other general areas of the home.

The inspectors report only reflects the general condition of the home at the moment the inspection is preformed. It contains all the things that the inspector observed and it also includes a list of estimated cost of fixing or replacing the damaged aspects of it. They generally include improper building practices, things that are only general maintenance issues as well as general safety/fire safety issues of the home.

If a home inspector finds that a structural engineer should make some more specialized inspection or somebody more specialized on a certain issue in the home, he/she would recommend making the proper inspection to it.

The home inspection is usually made in the inspection period of the purchase contract of a home. It is a contingency to which the purchase contract is subject to. After receiving the inspection report, the buyer has some time to review it and to make a decision on whether to go ahead with the purchase or not. Depending on the market condition and the aspects of concern to the buyer, the buyer can try to renegotiate the price or present the possibility to the seller of him/her doing some fixtures to the home. It is the seller’s choice to agree or not to do any of these or to propose some other way of solving the issues. In AS-IS contracts Sellers are not obliged to do any extra works on the home, but under some market conditions, some sellers may be open to reach an agreement satisfy buyers concerns.

An Inspection report is a very useful resource available to a buyer. It is always recommended for buyers to do an inspection if possible.